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Leave your samples leave your orders

November 9, 2014

Leave your fabric samples,leave your orders.

Leave your samples,leave your orders

Suppose you need clothes that be fit for you,do you need to leave your body size even need the tailor carefully measures?

Suppose you need the right shoes,do you need to leave your feet size even wear shoes by yourself?

Your purchasing is also like that,if you need the same fabric,leave your fabric sample to us,we will try our best to supply your sample and shipment freely together with our best quality and price.

Leave your samples,leave your orders.It’s our responsibility to your satisfaction,it’s our responsibility to your profit.


Address fabric sample sent:

Haiming Chen

Lean Textile Co., Limited

No.1706 International apartment,Fortune Plaza,Shengze Town,Wujiang, Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China.

Post code: 215228



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