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What is koshibo fabric

January 23, 2015

Koshibo is a polyester fabric that is very light weight. Every year sisters ask me, where are the cotton jilbabs. We are now making cotton jilbabs but I always mention alternatives, ie Koshibo.

koshibo fabric

Why koshibo?

While cotton is certainly light weight and comfortable to wear, it has some disadvantages, mainly wrinkles. If you are in a professional environment you want to look your best. Even when we iron our cotton jilbabs, once we sit on the bus, train, plane or car, the wrinkles appear. Koshibo is the best fabric I have found so far that is basically wash and wear and light weight for a summer jilbab. Note: We will be adding more colors, InshaAllah.

Let’s check some customer discussion about this fabric

I absolutely love these abayas in this fabric. It’s nice and cool, wears wells, flows well and are high quality. I have mine custom made and they are absolutely perfect. No more abayas that drag on the ground and don’t fit!

I put off ordering from al-Mujalbaba for a long time bc I wasn’t sure about all the synthetic fabric (having ordered from places overseas and getting things made with fabric thick enough for upholstery, and living somewhere hot and humid). But I finally decided a business where women who actually wear the clothes themselves are doing the designing, sewing and selling, they must know their stuff and wouldn’t be making something that’s torture to wear, so I gave it a try. The koshibo fabric really is light and breathable. It’s MUCH more comfortable than the layering of cotton ‘Western’ clothes I was doing before. And I LOVE that the designs are classic and simple – no embroidery, no sequins, no weird fringe or buckles or straps. This is the abaya I’ve been looking for!
I ordered the Jade at first, and it was quite bright (brighter than it looked on my screen). My husband usually hates for me to wear drab colors and prefers bright, but he found that one too eye-catching so I exchanged it for navy at his request.
The only thing I don’t like is that the fabric is slightly shiny – I’d prefer matte but other than that I LOVE this abaya so much, I really can’t quibble! And it isn’t that shiny, just a touch.

I previously bought two peachskin abayas from the sisters, i love them but they are thicker material and will be too hot to wear all the time in the summer. So i looked into the koshibo fabric. I ordered two again, in dark navy and a dark forest green. I wanted subtle colours to wear. The fabric is very light and will be cool for summer! one disadvantage is its slightly transparent and when you stand infront of a window natural light you can see through the abaya. However, thats due to the material being so thin which you need for the summer. Not a prob for me as standard i wear a thin maxi jersey dress under all my abayas with hareem pants. I love the subtle shimmer from the abayas too, i had to iron them after recieving them. but they are very good at staying wrinkle free.
I primarly bought them for my ummrah trip in ramadan where i need to stay as cool as i can!

Info from:https://www.al-mujalbaba.com/front-zipper-a-line-jilbab-koshibo-fabric/

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