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Microfiber peach skin for brazil market

peach skin fabric for brazl

Micro-fiber peach skin is a kind of classic sportswear fabric, usually be used in high quality track-suits, board-shorts etc. We are strong in this item and making million meters per year. 

PLAIN MICRO-FIBER  100%T 144F, 75D*150D, 148*76, 95GSM

PLAIN MICRO-FIBER  100%T 144F, 75D*150D, 148*80, 100GSM

PLAIN MICRO-FIBER  100%T 288F, 75D*150D, 148*83, 105GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 144F, 75D*150D, 148*88, 110GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 144F, 75D*150D, 148*100, 120GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 144F, 75D*150D/2, 148*98, 145GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 288F, 75D*200D, 148*100, 135GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 288F, 75D*150D, 148*78, 95GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 288F, 75D*150D, 148*98, 120GSM 

TWILL MICRO-FIBER  100%T 144F, 75D*150D, 226*100, 150GSM 

N/T MOSS TWILL 82%T/18%N, 75D*160D, 148*100, 115GSM 

N/T MOSS SATIN 82%T/18%N, 75D*160D, 168*88, 130GSM


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